Owners 1922-1934 
​Junius G and Florence A Covington

Welcome Home
Every day is a happy day
​at Happy Valley
By Gene Covington

Welcome to Happy Valley - the place of our family roots - Come close and visit and share. It is your home . Where you can be with family who care.

Happy Valley is a r​eal geographical place. It is located on the East end of Boulder Mountain in Wayne County, Utah. It is the first home of our “roots:” Junius Gilbert Covington and Florence Alice Pectol.  In the year1922 they took over the homesteading of the ranch at the ages of 26 and 22 years respectively, a pretty young age in our time of thinking.  But, I can hardly imagine how isolated, at a young age of 22, our mother Florence must have felt.  No wonder you are so strong, think of these sturdy ancestors we've came from. 

Legal title on the property back then was “Covington’s Ranch” but, a place she and our Father June called “Happy Valley.”  The name, originally coined by June and Florence, officially stands on the maps leading there today “Happy Valley Road.”

Across this picturesque valley of the ranch, on the east side, are two twin peaks, aptly nicknamed, by mother, "Bears Ears," as they stand out as ears do on a bears head with a hollow in between.

Those who have been there will remember it as a place of peace. A quiet,  and calm place, with clear, clean air and water.  A place beautiful to explore. 
So, even as far away from home as we each may roam, if you just close your eyes and think Happy Valley, you must be able to hear the breeze as it travels through the pine trees. Listen, can't you hear the birds chirp,  and the pine needles fall. Listen, can’t you hear the gurgle of the little spring creek, as it flows next to the cabin, so meek.

 To the right, can’t you see the dark rich red dirt, where the hill starts to rise, the remains of where the old original dug out home and potatoes had been. 
Look out the front door, down in the field, can’t you see our parents stroking with a hoe. There, on the east side, over the old wooded fence is Bears Ears, look! I see Lababe and Blaine over by that tree.  They must be going to search for some of those natural marbles you can find in the hollow between those big bear ears. And Joe is showing Dad an arrow head he just found, left by the original inhabitants of the land. Look! is that Hal fighting with a Sage Hen?
Betty Dee, Betty Dee — where is she? Oh, there she is, by the creek, undoubtedly thinking of Little Jack, whom after just 4 months, our Lord had taken back.  And, where the heck is Bunny, Ted and I.

Just close your eyes, stop, take another deep breath. Can't you smell the sage and the aspen too, that's air, real Utah, Boulder Mountain fresh air, that many of us once knew. That air is so cool, so crisp, so fresh and clean. The winters there were rough, so cold, so tough.  It was hard to get to and from in the winter time. But, listen, can't you hear the rain fall, the thunder roar, the lightening cracking and marvel at it all. 

When the storm has past, at last, at last, look up into the sky.  My so many, many stars. The universe never looks so clear as it does from Bounder Mountain. Look over there, by the big dipper a shooting star just went, look another over there. You start when you suddently hear  a snap, a dead branch just cracked, did you hear it, a fawn and her mother coming for a drink from the water of the creek. 

The next morning you wake up: Wow! Look way across the field, by the fence, do you see it, (once I really did, from the porch of that old wood cabin) do you see it, a  bear, looks like a grizzley to me,  taking an early morning stroll. 

So, when things are hard and you just can't think, when the hustle and bustle of life's got you down, take a break, close your eyes, think Happy Valley - Covington’s Happy Valley , think of Grandpa Covington telling you a story, think of Grandma playing you a tune. They're here with you. You, for sure, are not alone. They watch over you with pride and I can hear Grandma telling Grandpa - look June, look at our kids. It all started here and they are what make our Covington's Happy Valley, a truly Happy Valley.

So rest and don’t be weary and contribute to this web site. It belongs to all of us for our enjoyment and to help keep us connected to family, past, present and those in the future.  We can all be remembered and we must. This site is not really about Happy Valley the place, but our families and our heritage.

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